Friday, 23 October 2015

Wow-That Dress Sure is Yellow!

Sometimes I draft a pattern, take ages over it, and never make it again.  That ends now! 

If this seems familiar it's because I've made it before

It's a solid pattern that fits me well so I did it over again in yellow cotton fabric and shortened the hem to just under knee length.

 I drafted an all in one facing which I rarely ever do and in this version of the dress I used a ribbon hem. Hand sewing this took the longest time- just look at the width of that hem!

Underlining this in cotton made it a heavy weight, but I like that as it feels lovely -  really nice quality.

The back has a lapped zip. I'm learning to love these more and more. I think the next frock I make will have a side zip with a zip guard.  There's loads of Craftsy classses that show these features.

I feel lovely when I wear this,  the dress has a lovely solid feel to it.  The colour shows even brighter due to the underlining and it's a bold look.

Considering that I never wear yellow it's a statement piece!


  1. She's baccccckkkkk! :-)

    A very Mellow Yellow dress, such a happy colour. Yes, I do remember this pattern and the other dress in the cherry print fabric.

    The hem ribbon is a very pretty detail, though it requires finger numbing hand-sewing, it's always worth it.

    I love the scooped neckline at the back, very elegant.

    Well done!

  2. I love that yellow! And it is a lovely style! Nice work with the dress, such fine details inside and out.