Sunday, 21 June 2015

They said "jacket", I said "pyjama top".


It's been ages since I posted anything, and I know that's the first no no of blogging, but I'm sure that anyone who has visited my little corner of the Internet will forgive me. It's not like people have been waiting in their droves with bated breath!

Now I wanna say that I've been setting up my own business, climbing Everest and curing illnessess, but alas, I've just got caught up in real life and work.

I have, for the first time in ages, used a commericial pattern. Quite a departure from drafting my own and fumbling though how to construct.  It was quite refreshing being told what to to!

The pattern I used was the Islander Sewing Systems Jacket Express, a jean jacket pattern.
I'm not feeling this as a jacket for me straight out the packet as it's too boxy, too long and the collar is too rouned, but I can adapt these on the pattern later.

For this effort, I  thought "pyjama jacket" as I've got a lovely piece of paisly cotton in my stash.  I chose to leave the pattern alone and see how it comes out.

I used the Craftsy class that features this pattern.  (am I the only person who never used these before?) 
I've been to some awful classes at prestigious fashion Universities in London that really ought to do better, so I've sought refuge in the Internet.

Great class, easy to follow, and as the class advocates, mainly sewed without pins.Perfectly drafted pattern as all pieces fit perfectly and are clearly labelled. The instructions even come in a little book with very good diagrams.

It's all stuff I've done before, except the "burrito" method, which took a bit of thinking about, but the pattern is solid, I can just make a few changes and I'm sure I can get a nice cropped jacket out of it.... We'll see!

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  1. Hello Lady!

    The first sentence made me laugh, I've only just gotten my sewing mojo back for 2015, and I am so glad :-)

    Like you, I used a commercial pattern for the first time with my last sewing project. It was pretty easy and the fit was alright.

    Setting up your own business? Very inspiring!

    Your pyjama top came out great, both the style and the fabric remind me of Hugh Hefner and the Playboy mansion, dunno why! Lol

    Well done!