Monday, 31 May 2021

Vogue 1560

I finally made Vogue 1560, designed by Edith Head, Oscar winning Hollywood costumier. I used the tiniest bit of satin I had in my stash and you wouldn’t believe the shenanigans I had to pull to get the pattern pieces to fit! Do you own any vintage patterns designed by any designers not really associated with sewing patterns?

Wednesday, 14 April 2021

I resized my pictures do you can get a better view of this pretty fabric on this dress I self drafted. Let’s make it a #sewingsummer😜 #missjsews #elliewhittakerstudio #sewingsummer #oneshoulderdress #paradise #goldie #patternmatching #patterndrafting

Check me out in my one shoulder dress!

I drafted this myself with the original intention of having a sleeve to rival Alexis from Dynasty, but then I decided to keep the fashion a lil more this century. Great colourful fabric from @elliewhittakerstudio! It washes and presses like a dream too. Can I get bonus points for placing the word ‘paradise’ in the most interesting places? 🤔😂🤣What are you designing for summer?

 This pretty fabric has a nice drape to it, however for this garment I wanted it to have a little more structure.  I decided to underline with a heavier weight cotton to change the hand, and this negated the need for any lining. 

I designed the pattern myself, the bodice has a small pleat at the shoulder front and back with a centre back zip. I would naturally have placed the zip at the side seam, but I originally had planned an overskirt, I'll explore that again on another garment.

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